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About 3C wheelchair & seating service


3C Wheelchair and seating service, formally TT Mobility, believe that the proper combination of clinically-led and design-focused provision delivers practical solutions for our clients.

Our name reflects this, we are….

Clinically led

Client focused


Established in 2003, we provide a sensitive and responsible service, utilising in-house design skills and clinical knowledge. We specialise in wheelchair and seating provision for adults and children with neurological and spinal injuries, frequently working in case management. Our clinic and full workshop facilities are under one roof, supporting our ethos of an integrated service.

Trading area

Based in Waterlooville near Portsmouth, we work with clients throughout the South of England, including London.

P lives with his family in an adapted home, a small holding with horses, chickens and dogs. He enjoys helping his mum care for the livestock, for which he requires a robust outdoor powered wheelchair.

3C’s initial assessment focused on a wheelbase that would cope with a farmyard environment, and accept a ‘trailer’ attachment, which Peter needed to help feed the animals. 3C modified tractor parts to create a tow bar and hitch, then adapted a trailer to fit.

Together we achieved a practical solution that enabled P to help his mum care for the livestock in a wheelchair appropriately adapted to meet his aspirations.


Our Office:
335 Milton Road


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