How we work

Evidence-based design

How we work

We treat every wheelchair user as an individual

The framework of our approach is based upon the seating principles developed by the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford Centre for Enablement. It provides a client-focused approach that recognises every wheelchair user as an individual. Our clinically led seating team have honed this evidence-based procedure over time to reveal the detail of every case and it starts with an assessment.

Data protection and consent

We comply with all current UK data legislation and our staff are DBS checked. Your client’s consent is required before we record data in a photographic form or share any recorded information with professionals involved in the case.

We tale a holistic summary of your client’s lifestyle

We gather an overview of your client’s lifestyle, their environment and their goals. We do this by using detail from dialogues with your client, their family, wider care team and reports from other involved professionals.

Evidence-based physical assessments

Initially, we observe and record your client’s presentation in their existing wheelchair. We then use a physiotherapist’s plinth to help us take an accurate measurement of body dimensions, the range of joint movement and evaluation of muscle tone. We always take photographs throughout the assessment to help us enrich our recorded observations and measurements.

Findings and recommendations

These evidence-based findings, assessment dialogues and measurements are then evaluated by our seating team. This then leads to a summary of recommendations with costings. We then make sure to get an Approval of this summary is required before proceeding to a trial seating setup for your client to ensure everyone is on the same page

Trial wheelbase seating and setup

A trial assessment chair for your client is set up in the 3C workshop, using the evidence-based recommendations. We then take the chair to the client’s home to test both the client’s reaction to the postural management design and how the chair impacts their environment. This provides us with an opportunity for design adjustments and ensures everyone has a full understanding of the setup. Once approval of the recommendations, summary and trial have been given, we then progress to component orders from our carefully selected manufacturers.

Workshop design, build and configuration

We build all of our individual seating designs in our Waterlooville workshop using wheelbases and components from specialist manufacturers. The design values we apply echo the Bauhaus principles of ‘form follows function’. In the context of postural management, we re-interpret this as ‘form follows clinical evidence’ to deliver the best result for your client.

Over time we’ve developed a composite seating design approach that really helps to support an individual’s complex presentations. Our design process constantly references the assessment findings to optimise the choice of modular products and we only introduce custom elements where necessary.

This modular approach enables moderate adjustments to setup, rather than replacement of a whole fitting helping with longevity. In cases of significant change, we substitute modular elements to custom as evidence suggests is appropriate. We can provide both modular and custom seating setups from our workshop

Fitting sessions

Fittings may take place at our clinic or in the client’s home and the number of fittings we conduct is dependent on the complexity of the setup for your client. During these fittings, adjustments will be made to optimise the design and make sure your client is properly catered for. We typically start with the first fit for your client and then depending on the levels of complexity and needs, we then follow this up with a mid-fit and subsequent fittings as each case requires.

Handover session and documention

During our face to face handover session, we provide you with a practical and ‘hands-on’ workshop where our seating team show and tell you everything you’ll need to know to get the most out of the equipment. We then provide you with handover documentation that includes both clinical as well as technical advice and practical guidance to help everyone optimise the setup and your client enjoy using the chair.


After we formally hand-over the wheelchair and seating, our aftercare programme starts and comprises of both clinical and technical reviews and support. We set up clinical reviews on an individual basis, either a as planned review programme or on a ‘as and when required’ basis. With technical service and maintenance typically planned on an annual basis, whilst repairs are managed as and when you required,

R was at secondary school when he and his mum met 3C in 2012. He was living with his family in their adapted home, anticipating a move to National Star College, for a specialist residential further education. R’s family knew he needed custom seating to address his posture management. R wanted a powered wheelchair in West Ham FC colours, claret and blue, and logos.

3C took their usual clinical and technical approach to building R’s chair, including gaining West Ham’s approval to apply logos to the chair’s bodywork & upholstery. R proudly took his new chair to college, within a few weeks his independence revealed additional requirements, such as sports bottle and iPad holder.

R’s family, with grandparents, take caravan holidays in the South of France. After seeing floating wheelchairs in the sea, R wanted one. 3C worked with his mum to acquire one of these from Tiralo, the French specialist manufacturer. After many challenging bi-lingual communications, 3C took delivery in Portsmouth and prepared it for delivery to the South of France.

In the six years that 3C has worked with R, there have been numerous changes in his presentation and independence. 3C’s review processes, and subsequent wheelbase and seating modifications, have facilitated his journey through further education towards greater independence.


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