What we do

Integrated clinical and technical approach

What we do

We create evidence-based wheelchairs and seating for your clients


Our seating service starts with an assessment, a tried and tested client focused procedure that collates a variety of information about every aspect of the client’s expectations, lifestyle, family and care team. This process continues onto a physiotherapist plinth to record accurate measurement of body dimensions, range of joint movement and muscle tone to establish the critical points and measures that will impact a seating design. These clinically led and evidence-based findings, lead to a summary of recommendations with costings.

After approval of the summary and recommendations, a trial assessment chair is set up in the 3C workshop. We take the chair to the client’s home to test both the client’s reaction to the postural management design and how the chair impacts their environment. This is a comprehensive process that translates the clinical assessment findings into a 3D trial setup that enables everyone to develop a comprehensive understanding of the proposed seating and wheelbase design.

Upon approval to proceed, our technicians build the individual seating designs, using wheelbases and components carefully selected from specialist manufacturers. Our composite designs are very cost-effective. This is because we optimise the use of modular products and only introduce custom elements when necessary. This approach enables sensible adjustments to setup, rather than replacement of a whole fitting, and in cases of significant change, we substitute modular elements to custom as evidence indicates is required.

Posture management and seating for individuals with complex needs

We pride ourselves on delivering a specialist wheelchair and seating service for individuals. Our posture management approach integrates both clinical and technical procedures to provide wheelchair users with the right seating, that is appropriate for their unique situation.

Developing the best outcomes for your clients

At 3C we always aim to develop the best outcomes. A good solution for the client depends on a wide range of professional skills. Initially, an occupational therapist appraises the client’s aspirations, lifestyle objectives and expectations, to form the foundation of an evidence-based assessment. The 3C physiotherapist and product designer develop the brief with a postural assessment, identifying critical points and measures that impact the seating design.

Working together with the case team

We work with a multi-disciplinary team creating a holistic approach to your client’s needs, right the way from initial assessment through to full provision and including ongoing aftercare. Our agreed posture management solution will provide your client with support to lessen discomfort and mitigate fatigue, whilst helping internal organs to work as well as possible and reducing the possibility of further changes to joints and spine.

Specialise in complex neurological and spinal injuries

We specialise in the provision of wheelchairs and seating for children and adults with neurological and spinal injuries. We know that the presentation of injuries does not always reveal the complexity of your client’s underlying needs and limitations. Such injuries often lead to postural change, movement and sensory deficit, weakness and impairment of balance.

Clinic-based or home assessments to suit your client

We have a specialist seating clinic and workshop near Portsmouth where we can assess wheelchair and seating requirements for your client. We know that sometimes it can be difficult to travel effectively, so we are more than happy to carry out assessments in your client’s home. We’re able to cover much of the south of England, including London.

Critical points and measures covered

Our assessments will identify critical points and measures, which we then document in a summary giving recommendations along with costings. These together will provide the comprehensive justification to meet the required legal framework of case management.

Rehabilitation and on-going support

Our work is just one aspect in your client’s on-going rehabilitation. Appreciating the complexity and individuality of the process, we make sure to be flexible in our approach, providing clinical reviews and technical support as and when required. Should your client relocate during this time, our documentation is fully transferable, helping to ensure the continuity of care.

T has found he is most comfortable in ‘Recaro’ seating, but his presentation and lifestyle, require modification of the standard leg-rest/footplate assembly. He uses a small ‘through the floor’ lift to access the first floor in his home. 3C created a new, detachable, robust leg-rest setup, with a one-piece footplate to accommodate T’s presentation.

The initial design was set up in the 3C workshop and trialled at his home to optimise the footplate position and the clearance, when reversing, from the front castor wheels. The trial results were evaluated and led to minor design modifications, resulting in a practical solution encouraging his independence.

This is an example of a composite design, using individual components with a 3C custom-designed interface, to meet the requirements of the brief


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