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People with disabilities are a diverse group who have the same needs as non-disabled people. World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises that disability comprises of three dimensions:

  • Impairment in a person’s body structure, function or mental functioning e.g. loss of a limb, loss of vision or memory loss.
  • Activity limitation, such as difficulty seeing, hearing, walking or problem-solving.
  • Participation restrictions in normal activities of daily living, such as washing, dressing, going to work and having fun with family and friends.

The clinically led 3C seating team use the Oxford Centre for Enablement, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, postural management principles to provide a client-focused process. The assessment provides the clinical evidence to optimises each individual’s functional independence.

Clinical Assessment

Our clinical assessments involve working within a multi-disciplinary team, creating a holistic approach to meet each client’s seating needs. Our assessments will identify key points and measurements included in a report, providing recommendations along with costings.

This provides a comprehensive justification to meet the required legal framework of case management. The whole assessment provides a thorough insight towards the provision of the wheelchair and seating set-up.

Social & Environment

Our assessment takes place in the clients home environment. We have found this approach is easier for clients and their teams, removing the challenges that can be associated with travelling. We cover the south of England, including London.

A client’s environment and vehicle are considered in the assessment, in order to ensure the wheelchair footprint works for the client’s activities of daily living. Our approach prioritises functional independence, enabling each client to participate in their favourite activities.

Fitting & Configuration

Our posture management approach focuses on optimising independent function, whilst lessening discomfort and fatigue. This enables internal organs to work as well as possible and minimising the risk of further changes to joints and the spine.

Each client’s fitting is individualised to their needs. Like a new pair of shoes, a new seating system may take time to settle into and we recommend a plan to gradually build up sitting tolerance.

Modular Seating Systems

We specialise in the provision of wheelchairs and seating for children and adults with neurological and spinal injuries. We find the use of modular seating systems to be a versatile approach in meeting an individual’s needs, only introducing custom made parts where necessary. For clients who require specific shaping and postural support, in combination with strength, we use Matrix a micro-modular system.

Our modular seating systems approach is aligned with the Medical Device Regulation – MDR 2017/745 (currently delayed till 26th May 2021 due to COVID-19). This includes, custom made seating elements used with seating systems, as and when required.


Our Waterlooville workshop offers a service to maintain your wheelchair and manage repairs. Typically, maintenance is planned on an annual basis, whilst repairs are managed as and when required.

Our clinicians work alongside the workshop to oversee the wheelchair build, ensuring a seamless interpretation of the assessment findings.

The workshop is able to integrate mount systems for communication devices onto new wheelchairs, enabling each client to function as independently as possible.

Client-focused • Clinically-led • Cost-conscious

Case study

Reece is a keen West Ham United football supporter and wished to incorporate the team’s iconic colours and logo on his new powered wheelchair.

3C and West Ham United worked together with a specialist embroiderer and signwriter to give Reece the personalised wheelchair of his dreams.

During our assessment, we learnt Reece’s family had regular holidays to the south of France. Sadly, he was unable to join them in the sea to cool off in the summer heat and have fun on the beach.

We were able to help the family source and purchase a floating wheelchair, so Reece can now fully participate in family beach activities.

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